Archive Content: 1880 Diary, voyage from South Africa to UK

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    RWM Brecon
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    1st Battalion
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    1880 Diary, voyage from South Africa to UK
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    Diary of Lt. J.D.A Lloyd during the voyage of 1/24th Regiment from Cape Town to UK in 1880.
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    January 1880 Thursday 1st January & 31st December

    Passengers per Himalaya
    Lt. Col Black CB
    Major Bromhead
    Capt Church
    Lts. Lloyd, O’Donnell. Horlledge. 24
    Quarter Master Tigar

    Lt Savage. Moore Col[?] 80th Rgt
    Doctors, Ash
    Col. Walden. Capts. Mo[?] .Cotton
    Weyman, Macklin
    Lts. Turner. Harford. Macmullen
    Jones. Payne. Winter. Whistler.
    Johnson. Young. Justice Cockburn
    Elderton. Wellman.

    Mrs Blackchurch. F[?]. Wills
    & Children.

    1st Thursday
    Embarked on board H.M.S. Himalaya for passage to Gibraltar at 12 o’clock weighed at noon, Fierce weather.
    Those on board are next column
    Ship very crowded. Four in cabin. O’ Donnell. Horlledge. Tigar & self. Some lack of disembarking us at Capetown. 235 miles run.

    2nd Friday
    Fine weather sighted, English Barque ‘Challenge of Liverpool’. Exercised at Fire Stations. Put at no.3 pump Distances run, 279 miles. Quite fit. No malde[?] men.
    Also sighted British ship Caledonia and a great many other sails and about, [?] land.

    3rd Saturday
    Got into Simon’s Bay at about half past two [?] midday, having run 236 miles. Left ship and drove to Wynberg about 14 miles with Payne, Winter & Horledge, stayed there the night. Beautiful place.

    4th Sunday
    Drove on to Capetown to Royal Hotel.
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    5th Monday
    Drove out to Roudebus [?] to see polo match, 91st Rgt v. Civilians, awful dull game which was won by [?]mer.
    Lots of fellows at Hotel grocer ship. Brought some ostrich feathers. Saw William of ours.

    Tuesday 6th
    Himalaya came in and we went on board about 12 o’clock, being rather tired of C.F. York. 1 Company 91st Rgt Capt Mills, 2nd Lt Wyllie in for St. Helena, also Kennedy 99th [?] G.Lapent, Capt 88th, Tigar turned off ship as it is too full. Weighted anchor at 6:15pm.

    Wednesday 7th
    Made run of 181 miles, started a lottery on runs, 1/- a day, till Bermuda, 10 members:
    Col. Black Haines
    Lapent Willedge
    Jones Lloyd
    Macklin Winter
    Macmillan [Ecleston?]

    Thursday 8th
    Good weather, distance run 244 miles.

    9th Friday
    Rolled a good hi[t?], made good runs. 267 miles.

    10th Saturday
    Same dull old game. Distance run 253 miles.

    11th Sunday
    Had Divine Service. Pa[?] awfull stick, distance run 263 miles.
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    12th Monday
    A certain little Miss Warneford gave us rather fine laughing at her precocity [?] with the airs of 60. Distance run 264 miles.

    13th Tuesday
    Made H Helena at 9:30am. Put into quarantine as measles. Not left the ship 40 days. Let go on shore afterwards. French line of battle ship Loire in Harbour, bought photos etc. Disembarked Comp 7 91st embarked one 99th Capt Hill Lt Lang, got away at 6pm.

    14th Wednesday
    Fire quarters again, passed [?]. Awfully mountainous this voyage. O’Donnell occasionally monopolises the cabin, Eza[?] sick, distance run 195 miles.

    15th Thursday
    Again fire quarters as Capt not satisfied yesterday. Distance run 26 miles.

    16th Friday
    Arrived at Ascension and anchored at 1:50am. Found HMS Boudicea. Firebrand, Forester & Industry. There horrid place a mass of cinders. Wrote home. Did not go ashore. Began coaling.

    17th Saturday
    Went ashore, had a bathe & went to club. Had cricket match against fleet, we won easily. Rather good swimming bath. Fearful place.

    18th Sunday
    Walked out to wide awake [?] millions of birds. 3 miles with Bromhead.
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    19th Monday
    Captain employed on Court Martial on Boadicea. They [take?] an engineer, who comes with us to England. Got off about 6:30pm, awfully glad to go. Now for a [run?] of 3500 miles without a stop.

    20th Tuesday
    Made 194 miles. Haynes won lottery today with 4.

    21st Wednesday
    Run 264 miles. Macklin won lottery with 4 again.

    22nd Thursday
    Distance run 275 miles. Let go patent life buoy about 6:15pm for practice, split last pair of trousers in my excitement. Took 20 minutes to recover it. Macklin won lottery with 5.

    23rd Friday
    Distance run 285. Tried[?] life buoy again. Larpent won raffle for 5.

    24th Saturday
    Distance run 233 miles. Found heaps of B flats[?] on board. Lloyd won raffle with 3.

    25th Sunday
    Distance run 270 miles, Lloyd won raffle with 0.
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    Monday 26th
    Distance run 271 miles, Macmullen won raffle with 1. Boy died on board, aged 12 months.

    Tuesday 27th
    Distance run 282 miles. Larpent won lottery 2.

    Wednesday 28th
    Distance run 243 miles. Elderton won lottery with 3. We had theatricals in the evening, this piece is[?] a farce ‘A Husband in Clover’. Acted very well by Mrs Black + Jones 99th and a ‘Loan of a Loner’ acted by Mrs Kennedy the Mrs Black Larpent Jones + on Lyon. A very pleasant evening.

    Thursday 29th
    Distance run 245 miles. Macklin won lottery with 5.

    Friday 30th
    Distance run 275 miles. Lottery won by Larpent with 5.

    Saturday 31st
    Distance run 277 miles. Lloyd won lottery with 7. Men of 99th gave us Minstrels, very good, but had some difficulty about clog dance as it was windy and rough. One very impromptu story on Zulu War by a private.

    Sun 1st Feb
    Distance run 249 miles. Jones won raffle with 9.
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    Mon 2nd Feb
    Expect to get into Bermuda tomorrow, great excitement about lottery, which Larpent won today with 9.
    Distance run 260 miles.

    Tuesday 3rd
    Got into Bermuda at last, outside dock after knocking about outside in a squall at about 3pm. Boat crew upset trying to board us, no one hurt. Lottery won by Haynes. 188 miles, so we have run our 3500 miles at an average of 240 a day. Good.

    Wednesday 4th
    Could not get into dock, too rough, as it is a bad st[?] passage. Saw lot of sharks fished but could not catch one. Ships in harbour, Tenedos, Griffin, Blanche.
    99th disembarked for Prospect to be under canvas till 19th, go to Fort George.

    Thursday 5th
    I had to go off coaling in afternoon, beastly bore, but spent a good time at Casemate mess and hulk Irresistible. Very good fellows, particularly Mougton[?] R.N. Got wet through.

    Friday 6th
    Waited for Willedge, who had to coal us afternoon, fearfully wet. Tenedos came [?] of camber and left for West Indies.

    Saturday 7th
    Got into camber. Left ship at 12 o’clock and came to Hamilton and dined at 1/19th Regiment and mess, got back at about 12 o’clock. Was on coal fatigue in morning. Queer American people at Hotel. Regular Yankees I guess.

    Sunday 8th
    Got up about 9 o’clock, had a dull day, one of 19th to lunch.

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    Monday 9th
    Did a lot of shopping in the morning. Got Bermudese photos and a whole lot of curiosities, sticks etc.
    Left for Himalaya in afternoon. Sixteen mules drove. I left England in Conway Castle.

    Tuesday 10th
    On duty. Got up six o’clock to coal, d[rizzle?]. There moved into stone houses to clean up ship. Man of Himalaya walked over jetty and was drowned. Engineer and self looking into water, saw dark object. Threw grapnel pulled up man: to be buried tomorrow. Stormy night.

    Wednesday 11th
    Beautiful day. Walked out to Somerset with Macmullen 99th and Horlledge, met by one R.N. who had walked out from Hamilton. Expect to s[port?] here all Monday. Next in after noon.

    Thursday 12th
    Did nothing particular except stroll on camber.

    Friday 13th
    Left ship for Hamilton in Stud’s boat. Dined at Hotel and went to call on 1/19th Regt. Bought lots of curiosities and drew bill for £10 on [?] Holt, Gosling Bros Hamilton did it for me.
    Great fun with Hill 99th & [Tricky?]

    Saturday 14th
    Did very little, O’Donnell & Savage left for Himalaya. Did very little but sleep.

    Sunday 15th
    Also did very little. Still at Hamilton.