Archive Content: 1880 Diary, voyage from South Africa to UK

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    RWM Brecon
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    1st Battalion
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    1880 Diary, voyage from South Africa to UK
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    Diary of Lt. J.D.A Lloyd during the voyage of 1/24th Regiment from Cape Town to UK in 1880.
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    Monday 16th
    American mail boat Bermuda arrived from Halifax with 35 passengers for Hotel. Lots of cattle got off from shore with 4 huge [cakes?] in Hanelock[?] rough, bumped on Coral Reef getting through rock passage. Left harbour at 2:30pm. Left pilot at 5pm. Embarked 46th RS[?]. Met dismasted Brig.

    Tuesday 17th
    Rough wind ahead and all 46th Rgt down, was a little bad myself. Recd Larpent here in my lap in my lap[?], horrid setting to leeward. She is going very slowly, temperate of water on heavys of stern gland[?] 200 [degrees] at 4:30pm. Put back to Bermuda Friday as could get no more than 4 knots out of her. 155 miles to gun back.

    Wednesday 18th
    Calmed down 46th redivisions.
    Hope to get in the night. Met by pilot some way out. Got to our anchorage outside Camber at 4:30pm. Diver came off alou[?], reported about 30 fathoms of wire hauser round screw & shaft, hopes to get it off tomorrow. About 30 fathoms was missed from dockyard, so we must have picked it up leaving camber.

    Thursday 19th
    Bermuda could not go ashore as we with 35 expected [?] hour to be able to go to sea, but with two divers down all day we could not get it clear. American Mail boat ‘Bermuda’ passed us in afternoon on her way. Fine SW wind. On watch 12 till 4. Awfully wet, change of wind to NW.

    Friday 20th
    Fearfully wet morning. Divers went down early, not finished yet, at 9:30am (wind dead against us if we go out today), cleared up in afternoon. Went to sea, rather rough & very cold. Got clear of Bermuda about 5:30pm.

    Saturday 21st
    Pd [?] till up £3.3.9 ½, very rough & cold.
    Run 163 miles at 12pm. Gibraltar 2778 miles off, kept on rolling all night. Slept nearly all day. Fire stations at 4:30pm. I have no pump now, so took it [easy?], very cold.

    Sunday 22nd
    Very rough. A serjeant of 90th had a baby this morning. Run 219 miles.
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    Monday 23rd
    Run 250 miles. Got up lottery on run. Weyman 99 won with 9 and today with 0. Still a gale and very wet. Played backgammon, a great part of day.

    Tuesday 24th
    Run 252 miles. Morris won lottery 46th. Got top sails on her and wind a point or two more on her heave/weave[?], but it dropped soon, still rough but no rain, thank goodness.

    Wednesday 25th
    Sea moderate, wind a head only doing 8 knots.
    Run 200 miles.
    C.G. Bromhead won lottery. At about 9pm we saw a lunar rainbow distinctly over [our?] Band off of 46th played for first time, very good one it is.

    Thursday 26th
    Run 182 miles. O’Donnell won lottery, Was up at 4am on wake[?] and was all day on duty. Saw a lunar rainbow again over stern, much more definitively than yesterday. Band played in evening. Fine day, only a few showers. Passed Yankee schooner.

    Friday 27th
    Beautiful day, played backgammon with Colonel Black in morning till interrupted by fire bell for exercise. Going only a little less than 7[?] miles an hour. Ships bottom supposed to be very foul, reason for such small speed. Run 1 ½ miles. I won lottery. Beautiful bright day.

    Saturday 28th
    Very fine in morning, played backgammon nearly all morning, wind a little more sound on port side [?] fore and aft sails, but did not increase our speed much. Run 184 miles. Steel 46th won lottery. In evening we had H.M.S. Pinafore, in middle of it recrossed a []ersel 50 yards off.

    Sunday 29th
    Sighted steamer in morning. Fine day. Run 219 miles. Larpent won lottery. Wrote to A.
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    Monday 1st
    A fine day. Wind fresh and with a good deal of west in it. At 9:30am let fore and main topsails. Passed the Azores in the night. Men in chains[?]. Sounding from 11pm till 4am. Soon be at Gib now.
    Wind changed dead ahead at 1pm, took in topsails. Run 237 miles. Horlledge won lottery.

    Tuesday 2nd
    Run 241 miles. Horlledge won lottery for second time. Wrote to T. at Kilbrae[?] also to C.A.S. Only 361 miles from Gib at 12.

    Wednesday 3rd
    Fine day. Run 245 miles. Morris 46th won lottery. On watch from 8pm till 2am. Passed ship on starboard [?] at 10:30.

    Thursday 4th
    Beautiful day. Run 254 miles.
    Bought photo of H.M.S. Himalaya. Bromhead won lottery. Also the last one. So in all he won £7 & he stood all shampagne [sic] who were in the lottery that night. Also had sundry liquors in Engineers’ Mess. Got into Gib about 12pm.

    Friday 5th
    Landed on wharf about 10am. From up to our Mess (Casemates] and got my letters & then went back to ship. All our fellows were out hunting. Got my things out of ship to North Frost Camp, where I am on detachment. Rode out to Europa Barracks to see 71st Regt horses.

    Saturday 6th
    Kit inspection in morning. At 2:30 we paraded and went out for a brigade Parade under General Anderson. Hard work till 5:30.

    Sunday 7th
    Church at 11am. Marched P[?] by [?] 93 Highlanders to chapel. Went out in afternoon with Clerk.

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    Monday 8th
    Went down to sale of horses, bought one for £28 from [?]usley, 71st, pd bill on ship by cheque, £4.10-

    Tuesday 9th
    Went out hunting with Pal[?] to long stables. 14 mules off, had a long day in the cork woods. Ran 3 foxes to ground and got home at 5pm. Hai[?] horse rode my own out to much. 16/- a day.
    Took over E Company from Armitage.

    10th Wednesday
    Went into town. Nothing much, very cold. Changed into new room with fireplace, tried furniture from Hardida[?].

    Thursday 11th
    On duty officer. Went down to town in morning to collect canteen money. Came back, had horse’s saddle [fitted?] on.
    Hope to go out hunting, Armitage gave me on account of E Company £15-8-4.
    Pd in evening. 8/- defaulters.
    Bannister gave me cheque £4.3.8 left in hand E Company 23.0.4.

    Friday 12th
    Borrowed £30 from A Company. Pd Company £45.10.0.
    Went out hunting to Aquaforte, had a long day knocking about hills.
    Arranged with Logan yesterday to let me go to depot [?]ish[?] of him.

    Saturday 13th
    Had to get up at 6:30am to inspect guards. All Court Martial at our mess from 10 till 1:30. Rush back here and fall in for Brigade Parade at 2:30. Had long Fieldday. Collected reports at 10pm & turned in thoroughly tired. Heard from C.A.S. yesterday. Pd Company 16/-.

    Sunday 14th
    On waterport guard supernumerary to Logan. Lord Napier arrived at Gib about 10.
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    Monday 15th
    Came off Guard at 9:30am. Had to go to board to see our accoutrements condemned. Got £101 in Isabella’s chest and £16.9.3 in silver. Left £91 in safe. Lunched at our mess. Got back here about 4:30, tired. Heard from A. at Naples. Wrote to her.
    Pd Sergt Lockyer £2 defaulters 6/-.

    Tuesday 16th
    Could not go out hunting, being adjutant here. Rode out little in afternoon. Drove twice into town. Telegraphed about Depot to Alice (7/10), bought some stuff for Vic’s eyes, had lot of back letters.
    Paid Company defaulters 11/-

    Wednesday 17th
    Went down in to the rock in morning. Came back to lunch here. Rode to call on 46th at Europa with Horllege & Hare, found them out.
    Paid Company 6/-

    Thursday 18th
    Went down to rock to collect canteen money & on to Paymaster’s chest. Took out £40 in Isabella’s. Found District C.M. waiting for me, hurried off got there ½ hr late. Finished at 1. Came here to lunch. Went down town and changed Isabellas. Got 5/- premium on 40 Isabellas. Had telegram from C.A.S, advanced £2 to Se[??].

    Friday 19th
    Pd yesterday £40.5.9. Mounted guard. North Front at 9am. Miserably wet. Logan, Hare, [Trower?] & Tigar called on me. Dined at this mess, was turned out at 11am & 11pm.

    Saturday 20th
    Wrote to C.A.S. Came off guard at 7:30. Relieved by Armitage. Went into town, bought a few [novel?]s. No field day as shower came on. Went out a ride on land through Linea. Heard from Edith Lloyd.

    Sunday 21st
    Orderly Officer marched Church Party.
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    Monday 22nd
    Had parade under Trower in afternoon, rehearsal of trooping colours.
    Had to put Clr Serjeant under arrest drunk on parade.

    Tuesday 23rd
    Went out hunting, meet Long stables. Chilly morning. Had 3 good runs. Had to whip off first fox as we were running into forbidden land. Ran second well to ground & killed. Had good run with 3rd and lost, got back here 6:45. Found letters from Alice C.A.S. & Buckmaster.

    Wednesday 24th
    Had an easy morning but full dress parade for inspection by Lord Napier. Had an awful [?]o[?]lling. Wrote to C.A.S.

    Thursday 25th
    On Regimental Court Martial in morning. Lunched at Casemate, changed 31 Isabellas and got 3/- premium only. Rode down the rock after lunch. Very wet afternoon.

    Friday 26th
    Marched the Church of England to church at 9am. Came back. Payed[sic] the Company. Took a long ride along the East[?] [b?]eech. When I came back I found that my servant was absent without leave. Coming through Linea met the procession of the Host – had to stop.

    Saturday 27th
    Had an easy morning. Kit inspection at 11am. Wrote to C.A.S. & Alice. Had a great Field day in afternoon. Long a[gain?] Shaw[?] fight. We were in Brigade with 93rd 79 Rifles & 46th, raised during operations.

    Sunday 28th
    Had quiet day, lunched at Casemates.

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    Monday 29th
    Hounds out at 2nd, went & had capital day, but rather warm. Got back about 4 o’clock. Lots of naval fellows out as Channel squadron came in on Friday. Found in orders that [?]rl & self are to hold ourselves in readiness to embark for Bren[?] on 3rd prox.

    Tuesday 30th
    First days racing. Capital fun. 93rd run 4 races out of programme. Was on duty there in charge of garrison picquet, which however did not prevent my enjoying myself immeasurably.

    Wednesday 31st
    [Miss?] the parade in morning. Pd Company £5 10. Our eleven played the 93rd and gave them a licking. the 93rd only got 32 runs. Beautiful day for it

    Thursday 1st April
    Another days racing, Becal[in?] won 2 more races. Easily Socialistic won one also and Lap[s?]wich refused to start, won a dollar from Neane. Came on to race heavily towards the end of the day and got wet running over here. Got chequered for £25. Put in orders to 80 by next P+O.

    Friday 2nd
    Got my things all packed up and sent into the water port early. Landed at north front, paid my mess bill £15 16s and went into town. Pd Boden[?] 30/s, Morne[?] 10/-. Sold horse to Shew[ik?] R.A. for £26. Messed at Casemates and got up till 12 waiting for ship.

    Saturday 3rd
    Pulled up by boatman at 5 o’clock to [?] steamer in. Got on board ‘Mirze[pore?]’ by six, fine boat but crowded, in deck cabin with St. Quintin of 17th Lancers, going home with bad liver. Got under [way?] at 7:30. Beautiful day. Run up to 12pm, 55 miles.

    Sunday 4th
    Rather a swell on. Run 264 miles.
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    Monday 5th
    Rather rough. In view of land. Still passed Cape Finisterre about 10am. A lady lost £60 on Saturday, but sailor was caught with the money in his possession. Showery, run 271 miles.

    Tuesday 6th
    An awfully rough night. Could not sleep as we knocked about 20 and the lascars made such a noise. Run 280 miles. Got quite smooth.

    Wednesday 7th
    When I got up in morning, we were coasting along the S. of England, was so pleased to see it again and it was such a lovely day. Landed at 12am. Left Southampton 5:15pm. Drove to Widdicombe, [Rogan?] came too. Run up to Southampton 280 m.

    Thursday 8th
    Got up late, spent day in CO[???] with Logan, who left for Cheltenham than evening. Went to Haymarket theatre & saw Money.

    Friday 9th
    Went to club in morning, saw Williams, lunched with him. Went to Criteron theatre & saw Betsy.

    Saturday 10th
    Shopped with Eden in morning, went and saw Spence about dog, saw nothing I liked. Went to Vaudeville. Lapped[?] with Edra[?] and his mother at Club.

    Sunday 11th
    Spent day with M-Poc[?]. He dined at club with me.

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    12th Monday
    Went about with Eden. Bad cold, did not got to theatre.

    13th Tuesday
    Humbugged about Leadenhall Market all morning looking for dogs, went to home for feral, bought 2 terriers 12/6 each. M.Poc[?] dined with me . Went to see Madame Savant., Strand Theatre. Saw Mr Tyler.

    14th Wednesday
    Went down to Wreysbury with Harvey to see…..