Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Mar-May 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Mar-May 1916
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Sunday 19th
    Church Parade. Washing. Slack day.

    Monday 20th
    Reported Div HQ for 3 weeks course of instruction – adminis. Branch. With Rollo (of E. Lancs) + Jackson (8 KSLI). Suppld Cook + servant, a f[?], a ‘D’ mess, shared tent with Jackson.

    Tuesday 21st
    Over to D.A.D.O.S. who gave discourse on his methods.

    Wednesday 22nd

    Saturday 25th
    Concert 7:30pm in GB [?] by Pierrot troupe ‘Scarleteers’ – jolly good show, well turned out, Meredith, Star[?]rn + Carroll.
    Genls Wilson + Gordon present.

    Spent week reading thro’ files in Div Office, + daily routine.
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    Sunday 26th

    Monday 27th
    Air raid at 2am, pretty sight. Got French high explos, [?], terrific explosions, flames + smoke. Just missed boat with 3000 tons H.E. by 3 bo[?]. Not much damage in town. At least 2 aeroplanes brought down.

    Tuesday 28th
    Divl signalling stunt acted as G.S.O. [?????????] work, not a bad day.

    Wednesday 29th

    Thursday 30th
    In to Salonika with Rollo [?], quite a good time; but not much of a place to boast of. Lunched at Romo, dinner splendid. Cobbled streets smellin pretty badly. Had to walk back from Lembet.

    Friday 31st

    Saturday 1st Apr

    [?????????????????] Boiling hot weather.

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    Sunday 2nd April
    Visted Coy again. Tea + dinner there. Reported to C.O.. Went cross country, simply alive with lizards + tortoises.

    Monday 3rd
    Swanky cake – T[ess?].

    Thursday 6th
    Had a look over Bruce How’s place + dugout with Elles[?].

    Saturday 8th
    Concert by Scarleteers. Best effort by T[?]. About 40 WSO nurses at the show.

    Very hot, except evening occasionally.

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    Sunday 9th
    Looked over some of G.S.O.B’s papers.

    Monday 10th
    French aeroplane flying round after dark – flashing single letters.

    Tuesday 11th
    Left Div 10am. Reported to Btn on way, then to Bde. Slept at Bde + attached for 3 days manoeuvres.

    Wednesday 12th
    Mounted on H.H.P.[?]’s horse at starting, pt. of Route I; M.G.C. Watched Col. Pas[?]. Then up with staff Capt. Selecting camps etc. Marched via Table Hill; to Ambarkey[?] camped just N. of Ambarkey[?].

    Thursday 13th
    Continued march driving comit[?] before AG via Kuleili. I camped 1 ¼ N. on Serembilidere River. Attached to G., helped water horse.

    Friday 14th
    Retired back towards Yenikos fighting Rear Gd action thro’ Chukai. Attached as staff officer to Rear Gd commander (Col. Sword).

    Saturday 15th
    Ordinary march back to camp. 1st inoculation for cholera (on return to camp) by McLoch.

    Good tarp, too short. Frogs/Mozs in thousands. Scheme + pack transport a success. Echelon A as well as brigaded on return march.

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    Sunday 16th
    Pretty late. Slack day. Diary with Waterhouse[?] + collating reports etc. on the tactical exercise.

    Monday 17th
    Bde took over front line again. Back with Bde HQ to the vineyard. Round line with Brigade – not much done: Bde + Transp. Camp filthy.
    66 Bde moved out to Kurush.

    Tuesday 18th
    Sorted files in Bde Office. Nothing doing.
    Reported Div 18:00 hours, Waterhouse’s horse. Using Mason’s dugout.

    Wednesday 19th
    Acting GSO 3 while Clayton up at Kukus. Intelligence files, Div HQ instruction etc.
    News of fall of Trebizond.

    Friday 21st
    Holiday, but not for the office [‘to be treated as a Sunday’].

    Saturday 22nd
    Entering Intell reports.

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    Sunday 23rd
    No holiday, Intell + Reconnaissance reports.

    Thursday 27th
    Major Laird’s 4 Gramph[?] arrived – sampled the lot.
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    Sunday 30th April
    66 Bde moved up to Ambarley/g[?]

    Monday 1st May
    Part Div HQ up to Kukush, Genl Gordon among British advanced force.

    Thursday 4th
    Maps for defence scheme.
    Zeppelin Raid about 2a.m. – saw no bombs dropped, plenty of shells – Zepp brought down in marshes – crew reported hiding. Direct hit by 9:2 – 4 officers 8 men taken – 170 metres.

    Friday 5th
    Making maps for Defence Scheme
    Cpt Guild new DAQMG [Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General] arrived.

    Saturday 6th
    Guild off to Kukush.

    Fairly busy.

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    Tuesday 9th May
    Shopping in Salonika with Whittal, went in in [sic] car. Romo.

    Friday 12th
    Into Salonika in car to see dentist but failed. Tea at Romo with Dados + Arm[?].

    Saturday 13th
    Scarleteers final show – jolly good. French nurses.
    Lights out – Zepp reported – cleared of W. of Popsin.

    Only 1 Inf BDe + 1 FA Bde left in Akbu[?] area, all rest up at Kukush.
    Getting rather slow.

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    Monday 15th May
    Rotten, wet day. Checked all maps, ready to clear out.

    Thursday 18th
    Salonika – dentist + shopping – on motor lorry.

    Friday 19th

    Saturday 20th