Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, May-Aug 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, May-Aug 1916
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Sunday 21st
    Sal. Dentist. Zepp on exhib. White Tower – jolly good. Failed to get a piece.
    At alloy trellis work, sphere[?] bombs 18’’ diam.

    Monday 22nd
    Off with Div. HQ details 06:45, found brigade Table Hill – Vet sergeant’s horse. Short trek. Camped in seremetley dere in bivvy.

    Tuesday 23rd
    Brigade aid. Very short trek to camp about 1 ½ S.E. Kirkee. Took details on to Kirkee + reported back to Bde – slept with Coy.

    Wednesday 24th
    Marched on to Janes, shared room with Young in White [Horse?] – fairly decent place - flies plentiful.

    Thursday 25th
    Boch shelled trench .
    Train SV[ ?] + Hirsona.

    Friday 26th
    Rode out to left of line, saw results of shelling of French train. Damage repaired. Boch trenches at Grand Couronne very plain.

    Saturday 27th
    Balloonatics to mess.
    Discussion re. hauling plant + gas production.

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    Monday 29th
    Dereselo[?] with Harris + Cadoux – see Doiran + Bulgar trenches at Bellasica. Bearings for map.

    Tuesday 30th
    Kilindis with Waterhouse. Stn ripped up + bridge – river fine 20’ by 21 by G[?]
    Moved to tent from house.

    Wednesday 31st

    Thursday 1st June
    Lecture on poisonous gases in morning, 1 on mountain warfare by Col Grimwood evening.
    Dinner with Battn HQ, cheery party.

    Friday 2nd
    Busy mapping all day.
    Valies + sleeping bag 17lb + blanket 20lbs.

    Saturday 3rd
    King’s Birthday – holiday?

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    Sunday 4th June

    Monday 5th
    Reported back to Battn – back with Coy.

    Tuesday 6th
    Visisted Archibald + the balloonatics.

    Wednesday 7th
    Coy training in morning.

    Thursday 8th
    Kilendi with Bisda[?], Cadoux, Morgan + Phillips via Yenikoi/y[?]. Bearings from Yenikoi + Km.58 to complete map.

    Friday 9th
    Rode to Kilindis with Col. + Sweedie. Nothing much to be seen – Germans shelling French positions. Topping bathe – rode nack via Yenikoi.
    83rd Bde marching thro to Kirkus.

    Saturday 10th
    Quiet day – word on roads etc. Mills 1st trench mortar lecture. BDe gramophone in Coy mess in evening.
    23:00 hrs, 6 instant rockets direction of Kalinora – fairly high + heavy shelling.

    Frightfully hot.
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    Monday 12th
    Roads making.
    4 mile route march to Armutei[?] in evening. Very dusty.

    Tuesday 13th
    6am memorial service for K of K at Bde HQ. Field firing practice revolver. 4 mile route march evening to Armutei[?]

    Wednesday 14th

    Thursday 15th
    Lewis tarantula
    Route march 6-7:30 to Armutei with band, stirred up village.

    Friday 16th
    German airop raid 2 a.m Sat morning. No bombs near, heaved whizz as they fell + flash as they left plane.

    Saturday 17th
    French reply aeroplane strafe. Heavy strafe 2am.
    Lewis tarantula.

    Slippery, [?] every night.

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    Sunday 18th June
    Quiet day.
    Church parade – letters.

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    Saturday 15th July
    Genl Cook left for England. MG Coy arrived.

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    Sunday 16th
    Bisdee left for England.

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    Sunday 30th
    Left Akbunar aica[?] Midday halt. Vineyard. On to Salamanli camp with color party. River unfordable, no rations – roads in flood – back 2nd S. of Ambarkoi + found Bde.
    Slept Ambarkoi Road.

    Monday 31st
    Moved to Salamanli.
    Camped on bend of Galikos.

    Tuesday 1st August
    Moved to Kukus: in adv. Color party.

    Wednesday 2nd
    Remained in camp ½ S. of Kukus

    Thursday 3rd
    Rode to Div. at 10.00hrs, came on to Yenohoi to select camp in car – back Janes – lunch – back to Jenikon[?] Settled camp. Color party 17:00 hrs – dinner with Leatham. Bde arrived 11:30.

    Friday 4th
    Settling in.

    Saturday 5th
    Bombarded with bumph.
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    Sunday 6th
    Breakfast 8:15!!!
    Busy morning + evening. Pack transport inspection 9:30.

    Monday 7th
    Between Piton des Zouaves + du Bont with Cadoux, Mills + Young - see 535, [Torlen?], [Doldycli?], Doiran etc. French shelling 535.

    Tuesday 8th
    Griffiths to hospital – paid to date.
    Mellen[?] servant.

    Friday 11th
    Genl Cooke returned. Col Sword back to Battn. Genl Cooke from ‘leave’ – recalled on arrival at Marseilles.