Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Aug-Oct 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Aug-Oct 1916
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Saturday 19th
    M.G. Inspection pack.
    Pack trials Bde HQ. Tool loads.
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    Sunday 20th
    20 G.S. [saddles?] drawn Bde HQ.
    Genl Gordon visits Bde, cricket?

    Tuesday 22nd
    Bisdee returned from leave – 6 days – recalled.
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    Monday 28th
    Chasing round S. of Oreorica for camps.
    Evening marched from P.M. to bivouac just S. Oreorica.

    Tuesday 29th
    17th, 8 SWB + Welsh took over from French.
    Moved on Bde Camp in Oreorica.

    Wednesday 30th
    Lived in bivouac, Oreorica
    Office + mess in village.

    Saturday 2nd September
    Reported to Bn 18:30 hrs at Smol, + rejoined Coy in reserve on right of sector.
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    Sunday 3rd
    Went round front line trenches, A10-12.

    Monday 4th
    Boch put over dozen 4-2s in Coy ravine. One within 10 yards of mess – poor stuff

    Tuesday 5th
    Be[?]d left of sector with ‘C’ Coy.

    Wednesday 6th
    Out with patrol 30 min with Nicholes to Machukoro. Moonlight. About 70 to 80 Bulars or Boche about. Patrols dashed in one case – fired 4753[?] range; my man not hit, other probably not. Out 09:30, back 02:00 hrs. Dick held up same on left.

    Thursday 7th
    In bed morning.
    Evening – working party for gunners, 20:00-24:00 hrs. Felt cold, shivers, knees weak.

    Friday 8th
    Fever – head like a barrel, weal as a kitten, tump.
    Struggled in to RWF MO at Smol, temp 103 – sent to ADS + on to 67 Fld Amb.

    Saturday 9th
    Jolly good at Fld Amb.
    Filled up with Quinine.
    Off to C.C.S. in the evening.
    28 C.C.S. for night.
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    Sunday 10th
    No medicine C.C.S. Left at 12:30 for train at Karasonli[?]. Train left 01:45 hrs – over hours wait at Dudular. On 18:30 by motor amb to 42nd Gen. Hosp. To bed – [?]up weak oso + slept.

    Monday 11th
    Temp down gradually, head much improved. Tummy + back groggy.
    Getting on fine.

    Tuesday 12th
    Temp normal. Ordinary diet.

    Saturday 16th
    Feel pretty good.

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    Sunday 17th
    To Salonika in morning + visited dentist + shopping.
    Left Hosp. for Summerhill about 5 o’ clock in evening, motor amb. Shared tent with Johnson 12th Cheshires.

    Monday 18th
    Medical exam classed A. No draught up to front line.

    Tuesday 19th
    Still hung up Summerhill Camp.

    Friday 22nd
    Left Summerhill for Dudular 15:00 hrs with draft.

    Draught cancelled.

    Saturday 23rd
    Left Summershill for Dudular 16:00 with draft for div. Entrained 20:00, left Dudular 21:00 hrs. Parcels home + Martha.
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  • Transcription 7
    Sunday 24th
    Arrived Karasonli[?] 02:30. Took Bde draft to Oreorica + sent them on after day light.
    Joined Bn.

    Monday 25th
    Squaring up camp etc.

    Tuesday 26th
    Set out for Summerhill to investigate Kits + details. Hospital train 12:30 from Karasonli.

    Wednesday 27th
    Started ferreting out kits + details.
    Most unholy mess.

    Thursday 28th
    Summerhill all day + evening Salonika. Put up at Glyf[?] Palace.

    Saturday 30th
    Out to Ord. at Dudular.
    Report forwarded to Bde.

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  • Transcription 8
    Sunday 1st October
    Had day in Salonika with [Gottwald?] + Ellis.
    Decent time.

    Monday 2nd
    Dinner at Rome. Six in car to Dudular, left for Karasonli by 20:40 train, With Ellis + Parry on front of G.S. wagon – jolly cold. Arrived camp + turned in about 04:30.

    Tuesday 3rd
    Completed report to Bde.
    Desultory training.
    Pte John as servant.
    ‘Some’ training

    Thursday 5th
    15:30 – Bn marched to Smol to take over works from R.W.F. on second line. No bother, turned in by 23:00 hrs.

    Friday 6th
    Working 15:30 to 24:00 hrs on the 2nd line. Break for dinner.
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    Sunday 8th
    Working 18:00 – 24:00 hrs on 2nd line.

    Monday 9th
    Left camp 20:30 hrs for Transport Lines on way to Summerhill to bring up Kits.

    Tuesday 10th
    Caught 08:40 train from Karasonli. Dudular 12 o’ clock, lorry to Piccadilly Circus, Lunch at Roma + lorry to Summerhill. Sorted kits + put out ready to load, returned in amb. to Salonica.
    Room at the Rome/a.

    Wednesday 11th
    Rotten room, slack morning, Lunched with Meredith at splendid + tea. Droskie to Dudular to catch 20:40 back.

    Thursday 12th
    Horse at Karasonli, rode to Transport + spent morning + aft. There. Up to Bn with rations about 18:30.

    Friday 13th
    Wiring 2nd line 18:30-24:00.

    Saturday 14th
    Reported at Bde 18:00 hours to act as Staff Capt. While Waterhouse sick.