Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Oct-Dec 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Oct-Dec 1916
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Sunday 15th
    Nothing much doing. Boche + Bisdee out all day in front line.

    Wednesday 18th
    Night 18/19th 7th SWB raid on Vineyard, Boche failed to come back into ambush. 1,7th casualty. Up at A14 with Col. Grim---[?] Good reconnaissance of Piton at Quatre Abres + north.

    Thursday 19th
    Returned from 7 SWB 06:00 hrs + had a busy day.

    Saturday 21st
    Conference Div H.Q. re. Canteen ‘Turkeys for Xmas’.
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    Sunday 22nd
    Night 22/23rd, Welsh raid on Worsal. Perfect success. 15 prisoners; at least 30 Boch killed in trenches. Welsh had 6 killed, about 20 wounded. Bisdee on A10, B[?]t out 66th Bde; so stuck at Bde H.Q. Spent night reading letters + writing..

    Monday 23rd
    Busiest day since abroad – returns etc.

    Tuesday 24th
    Night 24/25 Bde took over front line again from 65th Bde. 7 SWB Bde reserve. Bde H.Q. to ravine. Good winter quarters: In double ply tent with sandbag wall – Genl Herbert’s.

    Friday 27th
    Wet, miserable day

    Saturday 28th
    10:00 hrs – Conference Div H.Q. re Canteen.
    66th Bde, raid on trenches.

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  • Transcription 3
    Tuesday 31st
    Returned to Bn to duty, Glensmol, 18:00 hours.

    Wednesday 1st November
    Working on dugouts + upkeep of 2nd Line.

    Thursday 2nd
    Work on dugouts etc.

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  • Transcription 4
    Sunday 5th
    Took over trenches from RWF left Sector – Coy in A14.

    Monday 6th
    Round trenches – nothing to be seen
    Patrol round Piton at l’Eglise etc. Very bright moonlight. Mills on right.

    Tuesday 7th
    Patrol – G.D. Taylor right
    J.N. Tayler left

    Wednesday 8th
    Patrol – Davies right
    Hanray left

    Thursday 9th
    Patrol – Osborne right
    Nicholas left

    Friday 10th
    Artillery busy, both sides
    B8[?] to right shelled.
    Patrol to German outpost. Found Boch N. of Eglise.
    Heavily fired on + pursued.

    Saturday 11th
    Stunt in the air.
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  • Transcription 5
    Sunday 12th
    Patrols – Davis + Hanray.

    Monday 13th
    Patrols – Osborne, Nicholas.

    Tuesday 14th
    Tried signal lamp ‘Elise’ + routes thro’ village.
    Patrols – self + Mills, just S. of Cardiff ravine.

    Wednesday 15th
    Patrols – Hanray, Whitehorse, Dick + Taylor to see the [?]

    Thursday 16th
    Fearfully wet, afraid too much water in ravines for stunt. Nicholas + Dick, patrols to estimate water in ravines in Mac[u?]koro.

    Friday 17th
    Night stunt – Under cover of artillery fire, raided Vineyards in vicinity of Cardiff + Macukoro ravines. No enemy seen, no permanent line. Gottwald in charge; in command of raiding party

    Saturday 18th
    All morning on report. RWF took over trenches 21:00 hrs – back to Glenswol[?] for rest.
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  • Transcription 6
    Sunday 19th
    Breakfast 11:30!!!!
    Slack day

    Monday 20th
    Reported at Bde 10:00 hrs. Not very busy.

    Tuesday 21st
    Bisdee to Salonika for f[?].
    1st leave party away.

    Saturday 25th
    To Div meeting re. Canteen.

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  • Transcription 7
    Sunday 26th
    Rode round to see Leatham, transport lines + 111 Coy ASC.
    Bisdee returned; but remained on as Staff Captain.

    Tuesday 28th
    Battn back to trench, relieved RWF.

    Thursday 30th
    Tiny deported via Fld Amb.

    Friday 1st December
    Corps Commander visit to Bde. Comm. in Chief round Div. area.

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    Wednesday 13th
    In orders acting Staff Capt.

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  • Transcription 9
    Sunday 24th
    Parcels – Tess 25 Nov
    3 Home 21 Nov (1 Eva)

    Monday 25th
    Quiet day, but fairly decent time.
    Leatham to lunch.