Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Jan-Feb 1917

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Jan-Feb 1917
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Mon 1st Jan
    Refereed rugger match B v D Coys at 67 Ho[?].
    Artill strafe.
    Dinner with D Coy; cheery evening.

    Tues 2nd
    Paper!! Busy day.

    Thurs 4th
    Office work!

    Fri 5th
    To Div with Farmer. Lunch with Denman.
    Plenty of work to wipe out afterwards.

    Sat 6th
    Canteen meeting at Divn, Called 111 Coy ASC to see Davies – out.

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    Sun 7th
    Not so busy as usual.

    Tues 9th
    Inspection transport 11 RWF, 8 SWB MG Coy.
    To dentist 28 C.C.S.
    Davies up from 111th Coy ASC.
    New arrangements for limbers.

    Fri 12th
    Dentist 28 C.C.S.

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    Sun 14th
    Church Parade, 12:00 hrs for the [Cps?] - no time to attend.
    Mon 15th
    To see Bde baths, + fit things in working order.

    Tues 16th
    Bde baths opened. Visited with Hopson from Divn. Working well.

    Wed 17th
    7th shelled ‘some’.
    Dentist 28 C.C.S. in aft.

    Thur 18th
    Gen Milne + Gillman round the Bde line.
    Funeral Maj. Royle; ‘Tarmand Turner’.

    Fri 19th
    Very [bum/glum?]
    Rain starts!

    Sat 20th
    Franklyn up to tea, + Major Cokes.

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    Sun 21st
    Church Parade for the [C?] 12:00hrs. I attended.

    Tues 23rd
    Conference Div with Col. Wingate.

    Wed 24th
    Dentist 28 C.C.S. in aft. Dinner down with ‘B’ Coy – a haggis with Dick, + Mills. Snow began.

    Thur 25th
    Snow. Col. Grimwood returned night 24/25.
    Bisdee shooting – 5 beaters. Result – 1 bird!!!

    Fri 26th
    Rain + snow.
    Col. Grimwood took over from Wingate.

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    Sun 28th
    Farmer toddled up to Bde – horse to meet him at Smol church!!!!!

    Mon 29th
    Gen Cooke + Waterhouse returned from leave.

    Fri 2nd Feb
    Waterhouse + Fan[?]e out shooting – result – 1 hare!!!

    Sat 3rd
    To R.I.F. ref F.G.C.M.
    Handing over to Bisdee.
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    Sun 4th
    7th SWB cleaned Eglise, co-operating with artillery. Cadoux to [ten?].
    Handed over to Bisdee. Carousal 3 staff capts, 23 [?]

    Mon 5th
    Divl Conference.
    Reported to Div in afternoon. 18:00 hrs. Sent off Bde group [home?].

    Tues 6th
    Living in tent. Files with Meredith.

    Thurs 8th
    Out half night, holding tent down – gale, very cold.

    Fri 9th
    Shifted to Meredith’s dug out.

    Sat 10th
    Dinner with Meredith at Sig Con. Great gramoph show.