Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Feb-Apr 1917

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Feb-Apr 1917
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Sun 11th
    For walk with Meredith in afternoon. Met Bisdee at 111 Coy ASC.

    Mon 12th
    Genl Gordon, M.S. + Wortham to Corps Conference.

    Tues 13th
    Miserable day, wet. Office all day.

    Thur 15th
    Very windy.

    Fri 16th
    Short walk after lunch with Meredith.

    Sat 17th
    Topping warm summer’s day.

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    Sun 18th
    Topping sunny day.
    Stroll with Meredith in afternoon.

    Thur 22nd
    Genl Gordon to Salonika, Genl Cooke in to Div.
    Short stroll with Meredith to canteen + round.

    Fri 23rd
    Stroll with Meredith.

    Sat 24th
    Meredith left with 5th Leave Party: acting DAAT QMG.
    [Genl Cooke returned to Bde. On return MGC from Salonika].

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    Sun 25th
    Flooded out with papers.

    Friday 2nd March
    March Despatches sent off.

    Bombarded with papers.
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    Sun 4th
    Stroll with Holroyd.

    Tues 6th
    Stroll with Armitage + Holroyd – canteen + round.
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    Fri 30th
    Sausage brought down in flames by Boche plane – two men landed successfully in parachutes.

    Topping warm, sunny weather.
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    Fri 6th Apr
    Boch bombing squadron bombed Karasonli – good effort.

    Sat 7th
    Boche plane brought down Kilindir. Jaunt round Railhead, Canteen etc.
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    Sun 8th
    Holiday for Bns – not for Div HQ!! Boch bombing squadron bombed Janes. Dined in ‘A’ Mess! Draft 250 men arrived unexpected at 2am.

    Mon 9th
    [Dibben?] + Huntley to B Mess to dinner.

    Tues 10th
    Busy day.

    Wed 11th

    Thur 12th
    In all day.

    Fri 13th
    Up to 420, + 26th Div, DAAG with Armitage.
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  • Transcription 8
    Tues 17th
    Mails, 2 letters T, 1 Home, 1 Won[?], 1 Bent + papers..

    Wed 18th
    Col Wortham to Salonika.

    Fri 20th
    Col. Wortham returned from Salonika.

    Sat 21st
    M.G.C presented medal ribbon brooches. [Col. Grimwood Div included].

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  • Transcription 9
    Sun 22nd Apr
    Bombardment commenced. Boche planes in abundance.

    Mon 23rd
    Boch planes.

    Tues 24th
    Night 24/25. 66 Bde took 4 ½, Mame[lor?] + 380 and consolidated the pos[ition?]. Counter attacks beaten off.

    Wed 25th
    Consolidating. Counter attacks.

    Thur 26th

    Sat 28th
    Night; 65th Bde up to relieve 66th .

    Busy with casualties. 66 Bde repulsed 10 counters in 3 nights.
    8 prisoners; all objectives taken – not by 26th Div.