Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, May-Jun 1917

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, May-Jun 1917
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Tues 1st May
    2 Boch planes attacked the sausage – one damaged, one brought down with a bump

    Sat 5th
    Short stroll in morning to entrenching Bn.
    Bisdee over to lunch.
    French advance W. of Vardas.

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  • Transcription 2
    Sun 6th
    Fine by colder[?]

    Mon 7th
    Bisdee over to 181th Bde as Bde Major: Genl Gordon to Base, Genl [?] command of Divn.

    Tues 8th
    26th D. push about Doiran – the Ironsides raid [?] + advance line whateblack (battalion[?] caught in barrage).
    Lorid[?] Diva adv line.

    Wed 9th
    Morning 26th out, but hanging on to O4.

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    Glorious weather – up to eyes in ‘bumph’. No jaunts.
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    Thur 24th
    ‘B’ mess follow the hairless convention: ‘No moustache today’
    Fly fishing with Llewellyn for dace at Verpator – a few hours in evening.

    Sat 26th
    L.V. + C.E. Williams killed.
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    Sun 27th
    Fishing in Amatoro with Col. Wortham + Llewelyn – latter 6 ¼ lbs pike: Got ¾ lb tench + ¾ lb roach.
    Jolly good half day.

    Mon 28th
    Some Bank Holiday, making up for previous day..

    Wed 30th
    Ke[?] and fishing.

    Fri 1st Jun
    Guest night – Gordon[] + Knox, Shaw to dinner – Horseback wrestling – split eyebrow sewn by Raffles in great style.

    Sat 2nd
    Fat eye – and [?] inspection by Raffles – muzzy.
    Bumph appalling.

    Bumph gradually working up again.
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  • Transcription 6
    Mon 4th
    Stitch withdrawn by Raffles; very little mark.

    Tues 5th
    Honours list of 5th June, ‘Times’, M.C.

    Fri 8th
    Laird proceeding on leave – also wire re. his DSO. Wire from Llan[yefin?] M.C.
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    Sun 10th
    Fishing Amatora with Llewellyn – jolly good sport.
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    Sun 17th
    Fishing Amatora with Col. Wortham Llewellyn – Col. 2lb tench – not good fishing day.

    Mon 18th
    Making up for yesterday – bumph strafing.

    Tues 19th
    Office all day.
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  • Transcription 9
    Wed 27th
    Cholera Raffles[?].

    Sat 30th
    Marshall assumed duties DAAG.