Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Jul-Aug 1917

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Jul-Aug 1917
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Wed 4th Jul
    2nd of Cholera.

    Fri 6th
    To Salonika for 6 days with the wee Dick.

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    Sun 8th
    To [?] with Dick, Welsh + -
    Evening with Dibb + Campbell, Wa[?] W.T.

    Mon 9th
    Slack day.

    Tues 10th
    G[ottwald?] + Dunn arrived – the rounds again!

    Wed 11th
    Ditto. Saw D.E. Evans + G. Jones now in 11 Welsh!

    Thur 12th
    Returned to Divn feeling jolly fit. Car from Jones took Gottwald[?] + Dunn to Border Hill.

    Fri 13th
    Office work.

    Sat 14th
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    Sun 15th
    Throat + temp – seedy.
    No office work after midday.

    Mon 16th
    Ditto – no office. Raffles on the war path with swabs + painting mixtures.

    Tues 17th

    Wed 18th
    Improving. Started work again.

    Sat 21st
    Perfectly fit again.

    Rotten week.
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    Fit as a bird again – office bumph once more appalling.
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    Sun 29th
    Set out 6:30am for B sector to see Battn – Breakfast + lunch with Bn, round trench, saw everyone – topping v[?], Doiran etc. Tea Bde + back. To Div 6:30pm.

    Mon 30th
    Bn back in Bde Reserve.
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    Sun 5th Aug
    Up to dinner with Bn at Vladaja – rode home in the moonlight.
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    Sat 18th
    Up to see by Bde + the battalion before going off to 78 Bde.
    Testing concert party at Railhead. Kearns to dinner, fizz to celebrate the occasion.

    Fire in Salonika started on 18th inst.
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  • Transcription 8
    Sun 19th
    To 26 Div by car to report + on to 78 Bde at Happy Vally. Assumed duties as Staff Capt. Look outs from Smithell.

    Mon 20th
    Office – general look round.

    Tues 21st

    Wed 22nd
    In morning went round all the transport lines + had a general look round.

    Thur 23rd
    To select new Transport lines for Berks with RT[?] Office.

    Fri 24th
    Office work – preparing despatches, more news of Sal. Fire.
    Strafe on 22[Div?] front.

    Sat 25th

    News of fire from Balkan news – whole of business part of town burnt down – fort to sea, English quay to White Tower.
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  • Transcription 9
    Sun 26th
    Up to Berks H.Q. ‘M’ Sector + had a look round – Bde baths etc, In evening to HQ. Worc. lecture on collection of [fats?] by AOD man. Typing re[?]ing despatches.

    Mon 27th
    Despatches back to Bns for signature.

    Tues 28th
    Up to the eyes in despatches – ‘Order of Merit’.

    Wed 29th
    Despatches on to Divn.
    Evening – over to see Coy. Of Worcesters at Bald Hill with Fox.

    Sat 1st Sep
    For round Bde, on + Worc Transp Lines in morning.

    Getting to know the various people, + settling in.