Archive Content: Personal diary, Salonika, Sep-Oct 1917

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    Not Known
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Salonika, Sep-Oct 1917
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    Capt W.A. Burns served in Salonika (Greece) during WWI.
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    Sun 2nd
    Round transport lines Glos + Berks, M.G. Coy in morning.

    Mon 3rd
    1st, Quartermasters meeting Bde HQ. Everything fairly well thrashed out – wants etc.
    Practice gas alarm – Bde H.Q.

    Tues 4th

    Wed 5th
    Round transport lines in morning with Fox – visited Dados + Bde supply officer. Met Hobson back from leave.

    Thur 6th
    In evening over to Ox + Bucks for any troubles - + to select winter site for Reserve Bn.

    Fri 7th
    Office. Mail 3 letters I.T.
    In evening selecting winter sites for tpt lines – Glos, Ox + Bucks + Ho[?].

    Sat 8th
    Round transport lines, good jaunt.
    Paid out to Bde H.Q.

    Setting down fairly well.
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  • Transcription 2
    Sun 9th
    Up to M Sector in morning to see Gloucesters.
    Office remainder of day – Fox to Berks + more bumph in evening.

    Mon 10th
    Office all day.
    Col. Wingate arrived.

    Tues 11th
    Gen Howard proceeded on leave
    Out with [Dale?] in afternoon.

    Wed 12th
    Round looking for camp sites with Hobson in morning.
    Marshall over from 22 Div in the evening.

    Thu 13th
    Office all day.

    Fri 14th
    Transpt Lines + to see A.S.C. Coy about limbers – thunderstorm, soaking wet. To dinner to 114 + A Bde with Marshall.

    Sat 15th
    Round transport lines, Glos, Berks + more.

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  • Transcription 3
    Sun 16th
    In morning up to L Sector to see Worcs with Fox.

    Mon 17th
    To Corps with Hobson for Canteen Conference. Car from Div to Janes[?]. Saw C.C. Wortham + Higham, arrived back 6pm + flooded out with bumph.

    Tues 18th
    Office all day.

    Wed 19th
    In evening down to Karasonli to see S.O.

    Fri 21st
    Paid out.

    Sat 22nd
    Office. Down to see the supply office in the evening.
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    Sun 23rd
    Riding round with Hobson in morning; Inspected Bde H.Q. Tps lines.
    In evening up to see Worc re. Court Martial.

    Mon 24th

    Tues 25th
    Mail at last, letter T., Ida, Clegg.

    Wed 26th
    In evening rode round to see R.E., Dados, + Transport lines Worc.

    Thur 27th
    Morning – round with OC Hobson A.S.C. [?] to inspect all Tps.
    Sausage arrived [?] overnight.
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    Mon 1st Oct
    Round with Place, from wheel[?] Coy to inspect all transport in morning.

    Wed 3rd
    Out with Hobson + Needham in morning looking at Tpt lines. In evening up on Smol Hill to see Oxfords.

    Thur 4th
    Out all morning L + M Sectors to see Worc + Glouc – visited Bde baths.

    Fri 5th
    Office all day.
    Cheery dinner – Col + Bde Major out with Ox + Bucks.

    Sat 6th
    Down to see Worc + Berks, Tpt in evening.
    Cheery dinner – Col + Bde Maj out with Divn H.Q.
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  • Transcription 6
    Sun 7th
    In all day strafing B213’s.

    Mon 8th
    Round Tpt lines – to tea with Thorne of Worc.

    Tues 9th
    Down to Div for lecture by Col. Fitzjohn 3rd Ech, on B213’s
    All adjutants down.

    10th Wed
    Presentation medal ribbons by Genl White Thomson on Smol Hill in evening.

    Fri 12th
    Let moustache grow!!

    Sat 13th
    Rode round all Tpt lines + to see S.O.
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  • Transcription 7
    Sun 14th
    Enemy shelled Oreorica searching for sausage.
    Down to have a look round in the evening.

    Mon 15th
    Enemy shelling sausage – duds in Bde Tpt lines.

    Tues 16th
    Office all day.
    Wed 17th
    Down to settle dispute Glouc Tpt and gunners. Boundary line.

    Thur 18th
    Commenced clipping.

    Fri 19th
    Down Glen Smol with Glouc, for dinner.

    Sat 20th
    Round inspecting ADVS.

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  • Transcription 8
    Sun 21st
    Wet + cold.
    Office all day.

    Mon 22nd
    Wet + cold all day.

    Tues 23rd
    Wet + cold.

    Wed 24th
    Down to Div. to see Hobson +c move.

    Thur 25th
    Transport estimates etc. for move.

    Fr 26th
    In morning meeting adjutants at BARC re. move.
    Afternoon Fox round Tpt lines re Worc airmen.

    Sat 27th
    In afternoon over to 22 Divn horse show with Col. Wingate + Reilly. Topping day; saw everybody, jolly good show.
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  • Transcription 9
    Sun 28th
    1 Coy Worc Rt to P.N. for work under C.R.E.
    Over to Kalinora to select Bde H.Q. and unit tpt lines in Divl car.

    Mon 29th
    Office all day.

    Tues 30th
    Out all morning, fixing up for dump of surplus kit + to see Dados + Amm’ Park.

    Wed 31st
    Paid out

    Thur 1st Nov
    Over to Kalinora by car with Drake. Inspected Terton[?], Vert + Clichy[?]. Lunched with 1157 A Bde at Kalinora.

    Fri 2nd
    Show on Boyeau Hill started
    To BARC to see Stone + Dale re. their move to army reserve.

    Sat 3rd
    Afternoon down to Div to see Hobson + S.O. re. move.