Archive Content: Personal diary, Aden/India, Sep 1914 - Mar 1915

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
  • Battalion
    1st Brecknockshire Battalion
  • War
    World War One
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    Personal diary, Aden/India, Sep 1914 - Mar 1915
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    Private G. Palmer, of A. Company, 1st Brecknockshire Battalion SWB, kept a diary covering his wartime experiences in Aden and India, 1914-1917
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    2274 G. Palmer A. Coy
    1st Brecknockshire Batt
    Ledger Folio Office account no. 9
    Aden. 26869
    29268 28 Feb 1916
    ‘Unto This Last’ John Ruskin
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    Sept 8th
    Joined the Brecknockshire Territorials at drill hall Brecon

    Sept 9th
    Proceeded by train to Keyland by 11:25 train from Brecon. Arr. there at 5:30, and walked to Scoveston fort where we were to camp under canvas.

    Sept 28th
    Left Scoveston for Chapel Bay, going by boat from Keyland and there relieved the 4th Welsh.

    Oct 2 Sun
    Attend evening service at the village church, and owing to being out of bounds got put in the guardroom by the picquet.
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    Oct [?]th
    Left Chapel Bay on boats en-route to Scoveston, where we arr at 2:30 and pitched tents and camped outside the fort.

    Oct 20th
    Visited Milford Haven

    Oct 21
    47 hrs leave to go home, returned on 23rd

    Oct 29th Thurs
    Left the fort at 6 o’clock for the station, where we entrained and left and 8:30 for Southampton, where we arr at 7:30 and got off the train opposite the H.M.T. Dilwara which was to take us on our voyage. All on board we weighed anchor at 10:30. Passed a red cross boat just arr. from France
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    Nov 2nd
    Rough passage through the Bay of Biscay

    Nov 3rd
    Reached Gibraltar at 5:30pm and had to put in first owing to broken steering gear.

    Nov 4th
    Went on route march through Gib

    Nov 5th
    Another route march through the town and up the rock.

    Nov 6th
    Route marches through Gib.

    Nov 7th
    Left Gib at 1pm.

    Nov 11
    Passed Malta about 10:30, heard news of the [Emden?]’s fate.

    Nov 12

    Sun Nov 15
    Am in Port Said harbour about 6am passing several French & English war boats. We were [coaled?] by Arabs and left at 6pm

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    Travelled through the Canal all night and Suez was in view at daybreak at 6 the next morning and anchored in the harbour, where there were several transports of Indian troops going to France.

    Nov 18th
    Left Suez at 10:30 in the morning. Passed Mount Sinai in the evening.

    Nov 20th
    Arr Aden midday and were all ready to go ashore when we had orders to return to our messes as we were to go on to Bombay.

    Nov 22nd
    Left Aden at Midday for Bombay.

    Dec 2nd
    Arr Bombay at 3:30 where met by customs boat and examined, we
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    moved into docks about 9pm.

    Dec 3rd
    Our first touch with India, we were able to procure some fruit, and were busy getting ready to disembark, the 9th Middlesex went off in the morning, but we seen them leaving the docks. Entrained for Dinapore in the evening. We got off at 2:30 and after lounging about the docks till 7 we marched through Bombay to Colaba [?] 5 miles away, where we arr at 9:30.

    Dec 6th
    Church Parade at St. John’s Church.

    Dec 7th
    Left Colaba at 7am for the docks headed by our band
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    and band & bugles of the Hampshire band, we arr at the docks and boarded the H.M.T. Gra[?] Co[?]tte

    Dec 8th
    Set sail again for Aden at 12 o’clock, housing on board with us parts of several Kaline[?] Regs

    Dec 15
    Aden in sight at 8 o’clock and got into harbour at 11pm.

    Dec 16
    We disembarked and went ashore in a shower of rain at 8:30 and relieved 1st Lanc Fus.

    Dec 22nd
    Started outpost duty.

    Dec 31st
    Went to Crater [?] for new clothing

    Jan 6
    The company return off outpost duty to go to Crater and train.
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    Sat Jan 9th
    Marched to Crater, was met by the band at Barrier Gate.

    Mch 3rd
    Annual musketry course begins.