Archive Content: Personal diary, Aden/India, Aug 1915-Jan 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    1st Brecknockshire Battalion
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Aden/India, Aug 1915-Jan 1916
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    Private G. Palmer, of A. Company, 1st Brecknockshire Battalion SWB, kept a diary covering his wartime experiences in Aden and India, 1914-1917.
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    places we arrived at Mhow at 2 o’clock and were played from the station by our own, and the native band. We eventually settle down in our barracks and quite pleased with our surroundings.

    Wed Day[sic] Aug 18
    Inspection by General commanding, went down town in evening, seen a native wedding.

    Sun Aug 22nd
    Church parade on Bks square at 7am. Attended evening service at church which was a very pretty one inside.

    Tues Aug 24th
    The General viewed us on manoeuvre and complimented us.
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    Sept 3rd
    Received 28 rupees as native money.

    Sept 9th
    Very heavy thunderstorm.

    Sept 17
    Rehearsed movable column, all on parade at 7am at fort, along with artillery, two native Rifle Regts, and Can[?]

    Sept 19th (Sun)
    On 12 hrs guard at the fort, heavy thunderstorm, no boots.

    Sept 20 (Mon)
    Batt on manoeuvres for field day. Heavy thunderstorm in the afternoon.

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    Oct 5th Mon
    Started company field training entrenching.

    Oct 6th
    [Sham?] fight

    Oct 7th Thurs
    No. 2 Platoon photographed.

    Oct 23
    Field training finished. Kit inspection by G.O.C, lot of talk of time expired men going home.

    Nov 1st Mon
    Started firing on the range, 3 men detailed to go along with B.H.Q.

    Nov 4th Thurs
    Walked to viaduct and viewed waterfalls at Petalpani.

    Nov 7th Sun
    Went picking lemons in the morning, tomatoes in the afternoon. Great to do with the natives, all cattle dec[orated?] and dirt around the houses.

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    Bullfight in the afternoon. Church in the evening.

    Mon Nov 8th
    On the range. General addressed the time expired men. Mail in.

    Tues Nov 9th
    Col. Lord Glanusk addressed the Batt on the Sq. as regards time expired men.

    Wed Nov 10th
    Jerseys issued.

    Nov 11
    5 men leave for home time ex.

    Monday 22 Nov
    Innoculated [sic], six more men go home sick.

    Wed Nov 24
    Issued with new puttees and khaki clothing.

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    Sat Nov 27
    On fort guard 24 hrs.

    Nov 28
    Bands & troops go to church for first time in Mhow.

    Nov 29
    Route march to R[?]cha Tanks.

    Dec 1st
    At two in the morning we fall in and march to Indore, we have food half way, and arrive at Indore at 7:15, where we relieve BC[?] company.

    Dec 12 Sun
    Walk to St[?] Milne Power [?] for home (98)

    Dec 21st
    Walk, native sports & tea.

    Dec 24th
    Xmas Eve singsong in the canteen.
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    Dec 25
    Church Parade at nine, extras for Breakfast, parade at one pm, marched to the Ri[?]way. Band of the State played and we all had a good dinner, everything A.1. Marched back, had tea and supper. What drive at night [?] quite a merry xmas. Letters at 9pm.

    Dec 26 Sunday
    Church Parade at 7:45, not many attending. Rain began to fall at 10 and lasted all day, very cold.
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    Dec 27th
    Boxing day, cricket match between A & D/F[?] Batt sports in Mhow.

    Dec 29th Wed
    Went into Mhow by train and met Teddy and come back same night.

    Dec 31st
    Singsong in canteen and all kits packed ready to go Indore.

    January 1st 1916
    We started for Mhow at 7, passed lots of cotton carts enroute and arr at Mhow at 12, being met at the church by D & F band.
    Good concert in the evening.

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    Jan 2nd Sun
    Church Parade, church in the evening the Bishop preaces [preaches?]

    Jan 4th
    Attend Hospital for 2 days

    Jan 5th
    The S.S. Pensia[?] goes down.

    Jan 15th Sat
    On guard at hospital for 24, returned after doing 12 hrs as the company had orders to pack as we had to move, destination unknown. Plenty of rumours.

    Sun Jan 16th
    We packed and fell in at 7:45, marched away at 8 for station, entrained and started away at 9 o’clock
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    18 Jan Tues
    Had breakfast and packed baggage and marched to camp 5 miles, where we pitched camp. Outside prisoners’ concentration camp there are 3000 Arab and Armenian prisoners from Mesopotamia.

    19 Jan Wed
    Come off guard and finish pitching camp.

    20th Jan Thurs
    Went inside the camp to keep the natives at work.

    21st Jan Fri
    Climbed the hills and had a good view, also visited the village.