Archive Content: Personal diary, Aden/India Jan-June 1916

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    RWM Brecon
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    South Wales Borderers
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    1st Brecknockshire Battalion
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    World War One
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    Personal diary, Aden/India Jan-June 1916
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    Private G. Palmer, of A. Company, 1st Brecknockshire Battalion SWB, kept a diary covering his wartime experiences in Aden and India, 1914-1917.
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    Jan 26th
    Had 2 days leave and walked to the Stn and rode on the goods to Abu Road where we arr at 5:30. Had a very pleasant evening.

    Jan 27th
    Walked around Abu in the morning, afternoon shooting, evening tennis, after P[?] we left Abu at 10 o’clock. Arr back at camp at 5:30 on
    Jan 28th Friday, when names were taken of those who are stopping at Erinpura

    Feb 7th
    It is most extraordinary cold night & dawn.

    Feb 12th Sat
    Left Erinpura by 12:30am, train for [Ajmere?] where we
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    arr, at 7:30 after breakfast we had a general walk around the Bazaars and visited the park where there were some fine fo[?] and flowers and a lake with a promenade of marble around it. After dinner we took a gha[?] to go to Pushkar Temples, on the way we passed the [?]ay Temples where there were plenty of monkeys wild, of all ages, and peafowl. We were shown around the Gwalior Temple where the Idols were 4-headed Sewar[?] son of Gunis[?] on left, house of behind 4 headed Sewar[?]. Davy[Devi?] ½ man half woman on right. After we went in the Bishnow[?] Temple
    seen the temples of Mavajah[?], Juphol, Krisnagah, Jodhur[?]

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    Barrackpore and Indore, saw the alligators and turtles in the sacred lakes, also the Bharar Temple with the pig face idol . The [scarcity?] of the lake is only equalled by one other in [Thibet?]
    There are 42 temples in the town, and the only temple dedicated to Brahma in India of where there are two sects. The temples are visited by 100,000 pilgrims each year, 1st sig in visitors’ book 1893.
    Lake Charmanehako[?].
    Went to the cinema that night.

    Feb 13 Sun
    A general walk round in the morning, and after dinner we visited the Brahmin Museum.
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    where the chief idols concerned were Brahma, Vishnu, Mahisra[?]. The idols were of Janes and Brahmins, and the museum was situated in the old Aymer Fort constructed by Emperor Akbar in 1570, rebuilt 1905. We visited several other temples in the afternoon including a Jane Temple, inside which we seen many fine things. In the evening we went to church and a walk after.

    Feb 14th Mon
    We went around the munition works and another general walk round and shopping in the afternoon. In the evening at 10:30 we left A[jmere?]
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    arr back in camp at 6 in the morning after a most enjoyable time.

    Feb 15
    No parades.

    Wed Feb 16
    A whist drive in the evening and a good concert which finished at midnight.

    Feb 17 Thurs
    We got to Aby [?]ood on invitation to a social and dance, which lasted till on the morning of Feb 18th.
    We returned to camp at 5 in the evening when the boys were packing their kit those who were returning to Mhow, a singsong in the evening and they marched off at 10pm.
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    Feb 19
    We struck all the small tents.

    March 1st
    Sports in camp and concert at night.

    Mch 7th
    We go into new barracks.

    Mch 19 Sunday
    The Essex regt march into camp at 10 o’clock and after an enjoyable evening we marched off to the station at 9:30 and after a few selections we left at 12:45 on Mch 20.
    Arriving at Ajmere at 7:30. We passed through Neasabad[?], Nem[ch?], Kutland[?] and arrived at Mhow Tues March 21st.
    The day after the Batt

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    arr. back in barracks after being in camp doing Kitchener’s best.

    Mch 26th Sun
    Church Parade and walk to the [?] Depot in the evening.

    Mch 28th
    The G.O.C. Mhow Division inspects the Batt & Barracks.

    Mch 29th
    New suit of Khaki issued.
    March 30th Thurs
    Went for a cycle ride to the Canadian Mission where all the weaving was done by hand looms.

    March 31st
    Issue of 1 khaki suit.

    April 2nd Sun
    Church Service at 8 in [?]

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    April 4th Tues
    All British troops paraded on 1 tree hill for [?] of new Viceroy. Salute of 31 guns fired.

    April 6th Thursday
    Funeral of a Colonel of the C.R., 300 firing party.

    April 17
    204 off & men go to Daldo[?].

    April 21
    Good Friday. On guard at the fort.

    Apr 24th
    Easter Monday. Concert at Gymkhana.
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    May 3rd
    Draft of 270 men from England arrives.

    May 22nd
    Recruits of the draft leave by 8 o’clock train for Sabat[?], but are recalled and returning to barrack the same night at 8:30.

    25th May
    First monsoon rains.

    June 3rd
    The draft leaves again for Sabat[?] and A Coy commences firing.
    Very heavy storm, rain and lightning.