Alcie's Diary - Blog Five

In December 1914 Alcie talks about Winston Churchill who was Prime Minister during the 1st World War. She makes reference to Churchill as being a leader that is ‘neurotic’ and has ‘histrionics’ who badly manages the admiralty causing a ‘feeling of insecurity’ within the British public.
Later she talks about the losses on the slopes along the Franco-Belgian frontier saying how the stories of the soldiers who died there may never be told and how sad she finds this. She wishes at the end of the war that soldier’s ‘reports and accounts will be collected and made into a book’.
Finally an insight into some of the precautions that were taken in the capital to try and protect commuters from German raids is given when Alcie says that on trains in London ‘we are not allowed to have the blinds up after the lamps are lit’ so not to attract attention to ourselves.