Alcie's Diary - Blog Four

On the 27th November 1914 Alcie talks about the sinking of HMS Bulwark who on the 26 November 1914 while anchored near Sheerness was destroyed. She reports that over 700 officers and men have been blown up whilst lying apparently “safe” at port. She wonders in her entry if the Germans are at the bottom of this destruction and sympathises with the “poor women, who had their men aboard and who thought all was going well”. It turns out the cause of the ships destruction was actually a large internal explosion where there was only 14 survivors but 2 of which died in hospital.
Entry 30 November 1914 speaks of Alcie’s bitterness at the ingratitude shown by the USA towards the British and the rest of Europe. She writes that the Washington Post “attacks us and fumes at our sea power vowing Americans dislikes a British domination no whit less than a German, Russian or Japanese”. She is amazed by this attitude and continues by saying that “this is their gratitude to Europe for preventing them having to fight Germany (later on)”.
On the 1st December 1914 Alcie talks about the different expectations she feels the British public have of the navy and army. She says how odd she finds it how things turn out; “our navy which we never doubted has not done much so far. Our army which we hardly considered seems to have saved the situation”. Finally she adds that “personally I don’t see what good it is to have ships if mines do as well!