Alcie's Diary - Blog Three

Alcie in her diary extract of 18th November 1914 talks about how the Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1916-22) predicts that the war will cost the U.K. about £450,000,000 a year. She says how she wishes she had some money to put into a war loan because Lloyd George predicts that there will be a few years of financial boom after the war but after that he thinks there will be a great slump.
Excerpts from Alcie’s brother Paul’s letters are included in her diary on the 23rd November 1914. They are regarding his time in captivity as a German prisoner of war where the treatment he receives sounds almost too good to be true. She says that he seems very lucky as he tells her that he spends his days reading with English books and magazines and the German paper every day. He says how he is allowed to smoke after lunch and dinner and is given some freedom to have a walk between 12.00-2.00. Pauls adds that ‘all English officers are together and we are all looked after remarkably well’.
In the last extract from the 25th November 1914 there is talk of chocolate! Alcie writes that the newspaper The Petrograd reports Russian soldiers captured a German provision train and were said to have been ‘gleefully devouring 5 waggons full of chocolate!’ Apparently the chocolate was supposed to be a present from the German Empress to the troops of Germany for their taking of Warsaw.