Alcie’s Diary – Blog Two

Alcie gives regular updates on what is unravelling in the media and talks often about the dreadful loss of life during the War. On Friday 23rd October 1914 (book 5), she talks about the coastal fighting in Belgium and Northern France and laments about the loss of the ‘poor, dear ill-fated Hague and Cressy’ battle ships.
Alcie in the same diary entry talks about writing to her brother Paul who is a soldier and has been captured. She tries to get information to him and writes to the ‘Prisoners of War Information Bureau Berlin’ hoping that some message will get to him so she can find out how she is.
Racism is an issue that was very real during the War against people who Alcie calls ‘English Germans, she mentions this on Saturday 24th October. Because of the War people who are Germans living in England were sometimes treated with hostility simply for being German or having some sort of German Heritage despite showing their loyalty to England. Alcie talks about German people being dismissed from their jobs in England who have been in them for over 30 years. She states that one man she hears was ‘dismissed and had his two sons in the British Army!!’
Alcie on the 12th November also talks about paranoia amongst the population with people suspecting each other of being spies and not trusting one another. ‘People have gone to other extremes and see a spy in every living thing’. She says how she heard talk of a house at Westerham which is said to be ‘inhabited by 22 German spies’.