Lord Swansea Letters to be included in the archive

In February 1917, Odo Vivian, 3rd Lord Swansea (1875-1934) serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Glamorgan Yeomanry was posted to France. During his time at the front he wrote several hundred letters home, the extensive archive is being scanned and transcribed by the campaign and they give a unique perspective on his life during the World War One at the front.

For reasons of security and a probable desire not to cause alarm, they do not reveal much about military action, but they do give a strong indication of the brave face and good humour that soldiers must have felt obliged to show to their loved ones.

We are delighted to have these important records in the archive. The task of transcribing the letters has began and many have already been scanned.

Here are the first few months of Swansea Letters