Hardwick Letter - 18th August - Front

Lieutenant William Emlyn Hardwick, Australian Infantry, AIF: Letter 1

Australian Imperial Force, D. Coy. 215t BATTALION,6th BRIGADE Wednesday Aug 18th (no year)

My Dear Sisters & Brothers
I received your letter and cake which I and my comrades enjoyed very much. It is very good of you to go to so much trouble but we wont be here long enough for you to send another. It was quite fresh and just cut out to a piece for each one in the tent. We are now camped at Kasr et Niel? barracks and we are kept very busy but its like home in comparison with the desert sands.

left side

she used to do a lot of fancy work but since the war she is as she says doing more usefull work. If I have the good luck to get back I shall be a very lucky man, I will send you a cable when we do I expect you will get this after the cable as by all accounts today week we will be well away. I don't know if I told you or not but lve made a will and its with Mr Sullivan solicitor Leongatha, It/He? has everything with exception of papers which are at the State Savings? Bank Leongatha have an account in both the State and the commonwealth banks. I have allotted 6/- a day of my pay to the account in the commonwealth bank and the government are keeping 2/- a day as deferred pay, I am only drawing 2/6 a day myself so you can see how the 10/6 a day is accounted for, I will write to you as often as I can when I go away from here

Bottom of pp 1,2,3: Should you want to do anything regarding my affairs if the occasion arise write to M Sullivan Solicitor Leongatha. Eddie would understand, he is a very trustworthy man and reliable we are both belonging to the same Masonic Lodge.

Top of page 1: you wont mind me writing to you all together will you. Give my love to the children. I can?

the Teddy bear that May sent ??????? a photo of. Will Fondest love to you, Your loving and affectionate Bro Will