Lord Swansea Letter - 8 Feb 1917 - page 2+3

Charlie Seymour Norfolk c/co whom I met at the school in 1900. He is on a Horse Job & arrived a few days ago & is also hanging about here for orders. They certainly don’t rush one up here. But I hope I shall get orders tomorrow. It is a lovely day, bright sun. The river here is full of ice & they say the ice has to be actually broken for the barges. I hope you have got safely over to Dublin by this time. I went to see the Cathedral on my way from AAG’s office. It is very fine outside but too much built round to be able to see it well. Inside it is not very fine except for some tombs at the E. end & a couple of windows. I have no news. I find my French is not entirely lost & I can get on quite well with what I want to say. I hope the little girl has cheered up. I wish I could give you an address as it will be so long before I shall hear from you. I will number my letters to you.

All my love Darling
Old man
Give the little girl a kiss from Daddy