Lord Swansea Letter - 8 Feb 1917 - page 1

2.      8 Feb 17.

My darling little girl,
I came to Rouen last night & got here at 10.30. It was too late to report at the camp which is 4 miles out & there were no cabs at the station so I carried my bag to the Hotel de Poste & got a room which I shared with another. I went to report this morning but the camp Adj. had no news of me & sent me back to the AAG. When I was shown into him I found he was Col. Dickinson who years ago was an Adj. at Swansea & greeted me like an old friend. I remembered him as he gave Vin a great Dane but should not have recognised him as it was 30 years ago. He had no news of me except a copy of the sailing instructions which I received & he told me to stay at the Hotel & call again tomorrow. At breakfast I met