Lord Swansea Letters - 7 Feb 1917 - page 3+4

It was awfully good of Aunt Mary to take us all in. I will write her & thank her now. I shall long to hear that you are safely over in Ireland. I hate to think of you & the little cherub crossing the sea. I cannot give you my address yet &, I don’t know it but I will keep this open until I have seen the MLO when I may perhaps be able to add It.

All my love Darlingest girl
from your loving
Old man

I have not been able to get my destination yet. I asked for Duckworth at the Docks & he came round to see me & sent me up in his car. I have just lunched with him & he is going to frank this letter through otherwise I should have to take it to the P.O to be censored.

I leave here by the 5.30 pm train for Rouen & shall get further orders there. There is about the same amount of snow here as there was in London. In case I cannot send you my address I think that if you address to me c/o H.Q. 38 (Welsh Div) I should get it. As soon as I know it I shall send it you. I do not know whether you are off to Ireland by the day or night boat today so have not wired.