Lord Swansea Letter - 7 Feb 1917 - page 1+2

On board
9.30 A.M.
7 Feb 17

My own Darling, You were a plucky little girl y’day & gave me a cheerful send off. I was sorry for poor little Ursula hanging on to my coat hard to try & stop me going. I hope she soon cheered up. When I got to S’hpton West I thought it was only a suburb & that the train would run into S’hpton especially so as I asked a man in the carriage if this was S’hpton & he said no this was S’hpton W, so I sat in and soon realised I was being carried on through the New Forest. I got out at Brockenhurst waited an hour and came back & was much relieved the find my luggage in the cloakroom - They really ought to call out change for S’hpton at the station. I got a taxi & went to the Docks & got the number of the berth & drove on & reported to the officer & he gave me a pass out to 7.0 pm. I put my kit on board & went into Town. I bought some Black cert to last me 15 days

also a wrist identity disc which I had engraved, 2 refills for my pencil torch & then to put in time I went to the Cinema & saw The Broken Melody performed by Martin Harvey. Then I had a chop at a tea shop & went on board. The ship is one of the Holt liners & the best boat on the passage. It was a beautiful still night full moon & not a ripple & as there was no vibration one did not know when one was moving. There are some RFA on board about 20 officers. I had a rubber of Bridge. Went regularly to bed & slept fairly well. It is a glorious morning & we are about a mile off L. Havre waiting for the tide. The boat that crossed the night before from the same berth, a small paddle Isle of Man boat was attacked by a sub which fired a torpedo at her and missed. She turned & rammed the sub & sank her! They saw her sink & propellers in the air. Good job! So by being a day late I missed the little bit of the war.