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Never Forget Your Welsh Heroes is the national archive that tells the story of the wars and conflicts of Welsh soldiers through the letters and diaries they wrote. Up to the end of 2018 the spotlight is on WW1 and the campaign will focus on finding and publishing copies of the letters from the Great War of Welsh servicemen and those who served in Welsh regiments. Britain's first and only Welsh Prime Minister, Lloyd George, was eager for Wales to demonstrate keen patriotism. He was so successful, that Wales contributed the highest number of servicemen in proportion to its population than any other country in the Empire. That means that there should be a lot of letters out there, hidden in family papers, that can be shared with the nation, and recognised by the nation for their sacrifice. But that does not mean families let go of their valuable personal histories. The archive uses copies of letters or diaries, or videos of family members reading selected passages. The digital archive is being built now for Never Forget YOUR Welsh Heroes, and this is your gateway into all that it holds. Get involved, and help us build a resource for future generations to understand our past.

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